William Jenkins Foote

William Jenkins Foote, center, with his siblings, twins Mary and Edward

William Jenkins Foote was born April 27, 1905, the oldest son of Harry Ward Foote and Martha Babcock Jenkins. A graduate of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale in 1927, at the time of his marriage to Dorothy Hope Bennett in 1932 he was an editorial writer for The Hartford Courant. He and his wife Dorothy had four children: Christopher Spencer Foote, Edward Jenkins “Toby” Foote, William Jenkins Foote, and Mary Foote Rounsavall (GAWCA Treasurer). According to his obituary in The New York Times (September 8, 1976) he had joined The Courant in 1930 after working for The New York Herald Tribune and Fortune Magazine. During his long career at The Courant he served as both managing editor and editorial page editor. DBF obitHe died September 6, 1976 in West Hartford. WJF obit #1

Please continue to these pages for William Jenkins Foote and Dorothy Hope Bennett’s three deceased sons: Christopher Spencer Foote, Edward Jenkins “Toby” Foote, and William Jenkins Foote, Jr.


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