Samuel’s Family

Samuel Edmund Foote and Elizabeth Betts Elliott had four children. Their oldest son, George Augustus, named for his uncle, was born March 3, 1829, but died at the age of 5 on November 3, 1834.

Their oldest daughter, Frances Elizabeth Foote, was born October 6, 1835. She married Edwin Lawrence Godkin (1830-1902), an Irishman who beca506px-Edwin_L._Godkinme a well-known American journalist and newspaper editor. He is known primarily as the founder of The Nation, but also edited the New York Evening Post from 1883-1899. The Godkins had 3 children: Lawrence (1860-1929), Elizabeth Elliott (1865-1873), and Ralph (who died in 1868 as an infant).



katharine v foote

Katharine Virginia Foote

Alfred Perkins Rockwell

Their daughter Katharine Virginia Foote was born August 9, 1839. Katharine married Alfred Perkins Rockwell (1834-1903), a Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General and Yale graduate who became a leading authority of mining, geology and metallurgy, teaching at MIT, Yale and West Point. He also served as President of the Eastern Railroad from 1876 to 1879. Their daughter Mary Foote Rockwell died as an infant in 1868, and a second daughter Frances Beatrice died in 1886 at age 14. Their son Samuel Edmund Foote Rockwell died in 1884 at age 10. The only child to attain adulthood was their daughter Diana Ward Rockwell (1873-1936).



William Graham Sumner

Diana Ward Rockwell married Eliot Sumner, the son of noted Yale sociologist William Graham Sumner, author of many works including the seminal study Folkways. Diana and Eliot’s grandson William Lippincott Sumner currently resides in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, with his wife, Sharon Olson, a General Andrew Ward Cemetery Association board member.



Samuel Edmund Foote and Elizabeth Betts Elliott’s fourth child, Harry Ward Foote, was born on 6 August 1844. According to Andrew Warde and His Descendants, “he prepared for college at Russell’s Military School in New Haven, and entered and graduated with the class of 1866, Yale. During the winter of 1866-7 studied at the Columbia Law School. His health broke down in 1867. He died on 28 June 1873 in New Haven at age 28 at his home, having spent the intervening years at the various health resorts in Europe and Nassau. By his will a bequest was made to Yale of twenty-five thousand dollars for the endowment of a graduate scholarship.”


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