Samuel Edmund Foote

Samuel Edmund Foote

Samuel Edmund Foote

Samuel Edmund Foote was born January 20, 1843. He married Lucy Bullard (1812-1908) on October 23, 1875. He died May 4, 1887, and his wife died January 24, 1934. They had six children: Raymond Ward Foote, Florence Foote, Esther Beecher Foote, Harold Spencer Foote, Clarence Ward Foote, and Josephine Hawley Foote.

Lucy Bullard’s father, Oliver Crosby Bullard, was the superintendant of his brother-in-law Henry Ward Beecher’s farm, and also worked with Frederick Law Olmsted at the U.S. Sanitary Commission during the Civil War. In the 1870s he was the Park Inspector of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and the Superintendant of Parks in Bridgeport in the 1880s. He supervised the construction of Beardsley Park in Bridgeport for Olmsted. His sister, Eunice White Bullard, was the wife of Henry Ward Beecher.

Samuel Edmund Foote was close to the uncle for whom he was named. They were both ship’s captains. In the appendix of the memoirs of the elder Capt. Samuel E. Foote, young Sam’s uncle John reported that his brother “spoke of and introduced young Samuel E. Foote to his friends as his son so frequently that, at length, he apparently forgot their real relationship.” The elder Samuel had two sons of his own, but one died at age 5, and the other died at age 10.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.10.44 PM

Stephen Bishop, built at New Haven in 1867. Part-owner Samuel Edmund Foote. Painting by Percy A. Sanborn.

Young Samuel was a private in the 10th Connecticut Volunteers and wounded in the Civil War at Roanoke. After recovering from his injuries he went into the Navy at age 22 in 1865 as “Master’s mate.” At age 42 he entered the Navy at Brooklyn Navy Yard. For most of his life he was a ship master and owned the Stephen Bishop, a brig.


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