Our Champion Yew Tree

Photo by Eric MacDonald (2011-11-16)

Standing at the corner of the General Andrew Ward cemetery is a large Yew tree. We have discovered that it is actually a Champion Yew tree. Connecticut began their Notable Trees Project in 1985 to collect and distribute information about Connecticut’s largest and most historic trees. A computer database is maintained at the Connecticut College Arboretum that includes records of 3060 individual trees in the state. Information for each tree includes size, location, ownership, and condition. The champion tree lists are derived from this database. The lists are posted on the website “Connecticut’s Notable Trees.” The page with information about our tree can be found here. When it was nominated in 2011 it measured 31 ft. high with a circumference of 119 inches and avereage spread of 51 ft. All hail our Champion tree!


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