Eli’s son John Parsons Foote

john parsons footeJohn Parsons Foote, 1783-1865, married Jane Warner. John Parsons Foote, his wife Jane, and their four children are buried in Cincinnati, but they are commemorated on one of the obelisks in the General Andrew Ward Cemetery. His bust resides in the Mercantile Library of Cincinnati, and a short biography of him appears in the blog for that entity (www.cincinnatimercantile.wordpress.com). Here is an excerpt: Printer and writer J.P. Foote was a relentless Cincinnati booster. We here at the Library believe John and his brother Sam had as much to do with the Lyman Beecher family coming to Cincinnati than the Board of Directors of the Lane Seminary did. The Footes’ (Feete’s?) sister Roxana was Lyman Beecher’s wife and the mother of his many children, including Harriet. Roxana had died by the time the Beechers moved to Cincinnati, and Lyman was on his second wife, but you have to figure that he at least wrote to his brothers-in-law to see what he would be getting into if he uprooted everybody from Connecticut to go live on the frontier. John Foote wrote the first history of education in Cincinnati. He also wrote a biography of his brother entitled Memoirs of the Life of Samuel E. Foote which can be read online as a Google book.

GAWCA member Christy Rodia has sent us a drawing from a family scrapbook. It was drawn by J.P. Foote “from memory.”

jpfootefamAt the top is written “Drawing by J.P. Foote.” At the left is says “Drawn from memory by father.” The individuals are labelled as followed, from the left: “Father’s Uncle Justin Foote [Eli’s brother], Uncle Samuel Foote [J.P.’s brother], Mary Ward, Catharine Amelia, Mother, Henry Edward, Grandma Foote [J.P.’s mother Roxana].”


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