Eli’s son George Augustus

george augustus foote-1revGeorge Augustus Foote, 1789-1878 married Elizabeth eliza spencerrevSpencer, 1812-1908 [portrait in charcoal by Mary Hallock Foote]  According to Foote Family: comprising the genealogy and history of Nathaniel Foote, George Augustus Foote was “Colonel of Militia, held many town and county offices, and was First Representative (Whig) in the State Legislature five terms. He was Senior Warden of the Episcopal Church from 1861 to 1874, when he resigned from old age. He did all within his means toward building the church edifice.” In Old Paths and Legends of the New England Border there is a photo of the Foote homestead build by George Augustus Foote on the land where the General Andrew Ward farmhouse formerly stood. It is remarked there that George Augustus “afterward removed to Mulberry Farm giving the Nutplains farm to his sons,” and that he was quoted as saying, “Farming is the only business a man ought to follow.” George Augustus and Elizabeth are buried in the General Andrew Ward Cemetery. They had ten children.


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