Eli’s daughter Roxana

Roxanna Foote, 1775-1816, married Lyman Beecher, 1775-1863.  Among their nine children were Catherine, an educator and founder of many schools; Henry Ward, the “most famous minister” in America; and Harriet (Beecher Stowe), author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Although Roxanna is commemorated on one of the obelisks in the General Andrew Ward Cemetery, she is buried in Litchfield, Connecticut.

GAWCA member Christy Rodia has supplied us with two photos from a scrapbook, one of Roxana’s daughter Harriet Beecher Stowe, and the other of her husband Lyman with their son Henry Ward Beecher.

hbsThe drawing of Harriet was signed “Truly Yours, H. B. Stowe,” and beneath it the scrapbook writer has written “Her first meetings were read at the “Semi Colons” and “The May Flower” a collection of her short stories is dedicated to its members.” See more about the Semi-Colon Club in the page about Roxana’s brother Samuel.




lymanandhenrybeecherThis photo from the scrapbook has two photos, on the left Henry Ward Beecher, and on the right his father Lyman Beecher. The letter is written to Harriet, possibly from her brother.


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