Cemetery layout

Here is the cemetery layout as of August 2017 (click to view).


We are fortunate to have early drawings of the cemetery layout, one prepared by Elizabeth Foote Jenkins and her husband Edward Hopkins Jenkins. The second one was prepared by Harriet Ward Foote Taylor.

Originally prepared by Elizabeth F. and Edward H. Jenkins

Relative Position of the Graves








Current board members have come up with a layout showing what stones there are as of 2015. It shows the position of the graves of people who were not in the original plans above as they of course had not “arrived” yet. It also indicates some future reserved plots, and missing stones. Names in red are individuals who were known to be cremated (no coffin). Click to see larger version.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.10.15 PM




The gravestones have also been captured by photographers Jan Franco and Sharon Olson, who have posted them on findagrave.com under the entry for the individuals buried in the Foote-Ward Cemetery. You may examine them row by row in the following pdf files:

Row One closest to field to the east
Row Two
Row Three
Row Four
Row Five
Row Six

In addition, there are two obelisks which commemorate individuals buried in the cemetery, as well as those buried elsewhere. One of the obelisks is almost entirely illegible, but fortunately the wording had been captured in earlier times. See below this photo for a summary of the descriptive material on the two obelisks.

First monument, west side:

This side commemorates Andrew and Diana Ward, their daughter Roxana who married Eli Foote, Roxana and Eli’s oldest daughter Harriet, and Eli’s brother Justin.

Andrew Ward, died January 10, 1799 age 71
Diana Ward, died Feb. 7, 1798 age 65
Eli Foote, died Sept. 8, 1792, age 45 [buried near Murfreesboro, N. Carolina]
Justin Foote, died Dec. 8, 1810, age 48
Roxana W. Foote, died Oct. 30, 1840, age 89
Harriet Foote, died April 18, 1842, age 68

First monument, south side:

This side commemorates Eli and Roxana’s sons Andrew Ward Foote and William Henry Foote, who died as teenagers after carrying a coffin to the Guilford Green;  their daughter Mary Ward Foote, who married John James Hubbard;  their daughter Roxana, wife of Lyman Beecher; and their additional daughters Martha (died age 12) and Catharine (died age 19).

Martha Foote, died Sept. 23, 1793, age 12 [buried on Guilford Green]
Andrew W. Foote, died Sept. 20, 1794, age 18
William H. Foote, died Oct. 17, 1794, age 16
Catharine Foote, died Aug. 27, 1811, age 19
Mary W. Foote Hubbard, died Sept. 1, 1813, age 28 [buried at Litchfield, Conn.]
Roxana Foote Beecher, died Sept. 24, 1816, age 41 [buried at Litchfield, Conn.]

First monument, east side:

This side commemorates George Augustus Foote (son of Eli), his wife Elizabeth Spencer Foote, their son Andrew Ward Foote, their son George A. Foote, Jr.,  their daughter Harriet Ward Foote Hawley, and their son Samuel Edmund Foote.

George A. Foote, died Sept. 5, 1878, age 89
Eliza Spencer Foote, died Aug. 29, 1908, age 96
George A. Foote, Jr., died Nov. 13, 1869
Harriet Foote Hawley, died Mar. 3, 1886, age 54 [buried in Hartford, Conn.]
Samuel E. Foote, died May 4, 1887, age 44
Andrew Ward Foote, died Dec. 16, 1880, age 47

First monument, north side:

This side commemorates Eli and Roxana’s son John Parsons Foote, his wife Jane Warner Foote,  their sons Edward Warner  and Henry Ward who died young , and their daughter Mary Ward Foote and her husband John Shotwell.

Edward W. Foote, died Dec. 10, 1821, age 2
Henry W. Foote, died Sept. 5, 1822, age 5
John P. Foote, died July 11, 1865, age 62
Jane Warner Foote, died July 30, 1863, age 74
John J. Shotwell, died July 22, 1852, age 45
Mary W. Foote Shotwell, died May 24, 1861, age 48 [these six are buried at Cincinnati]

Foote monument, west side:

This side commemorates Eli and Roxana’s son Samuel E. Foote, his wife Elizabeth Betts Elliott Foote, and their son Harry Ward who died at age 28.

Samuel E. Foote, died Nov. 1, 1858, aged 71
Elizabeth E. Foote, died May 30, 1878, aged 70
Harry Ward Foote, born Aug. 5, 1844, died June 28, 1873.

Foote monument, south side:

This side commemorates Samuel E. Foote’s daughter Frances Elizabeth Foote, her daughter Elizabeth Elliott Godkin, who died at age 7, her son Ralph, who died as an infant, and her son Lawrence.

Frances E. Godkin, born Oct. 6, 1835, died April 12, 1875
Ralph Godkin, born July 7, died Sept. 12, 1868
Elizabeth E. Godkin, died April 2, 1873, age 7 years  11 months
Lawrence Godkin 1860-1929

Foote monument, east side:

This side commemorates Samuel E. Foote’s daughter Katharine Virginia Foote and her husband Alfred Perkins Rockwell.

Alfred Perkins Rockwell, died Dec. 24, 1903, age 68
Katharine Virginia Foote Rockwell, died Mar. 24, 1902, age 61

Foote monument, north side:

This side commemorates Katharine Virginia Foote and Alfred Perkins Rockwell’s daughter Mary, who died as an infant, and their son Samuel, who died at age 10. Their daughter Diana married Eliot Sumner and is buried with him in the Elliott family circle section of Alderbrook cemetery in Guilford.

Diana Ward Sumner, born July 28, 1873, died Jan. 23, 1936
Mary Foote Rockwell, born May 5th, died Aug. 2d. 1868
Samuel E. F. Rockwell, born July 28, 1873, died Mar. 18, 1884
[the four Rockwells are buried at Norwich, Conn.]


6 Responses to Cemetery layout

  1. Allen D. Foote says:

    I live in Florida and I am traveling through Connecticut. I have been trying to locate the Foote-Ward Cemetery, but have not found it yet. Could I possibly get the exact location? I would like to visit the cemetery. Thank You

    • slopoet says:

      I am very sorry to have missed this comment when you wrote it, and so I obviously wasn’t able to help you with your trip. If you do come to Connecticut again and wish to find the cemetery, you would go to the intersection of Goose Lane and Bear House Hill Road (formerly called Foote Bridge Road, and sometimes still called that). You can park a little ways up Bear House Hill Road just before you get to the Foote Bridge (where car access is not allowed). You would then walk over the bridge, take the first path to the left, walk up a short hill and the cemetery is at the top of that hill. It’s not very far.

      • Andrew Evans says:

        Thank you so much for the detailed directions! I’m making a map of the graves of some American Revolutionary War officers my wife and I are going to visit in that area of Connecticut and would never find this cemetery without you! It it okay just to walk up to it as you say? No private property issues? Thanks so much again! Andrew.

      • slopoet says:

        Hello Andrew. You’ll see other hikers usually walking near there. Best to park near the bridge over the East River on Bearhouse Hill Road. A cement block prevents cars from going further. Make sure you after you walk over the bridge to take a left to follow the path north along the river just a short way, then it turns right to go up a short hill. The cemetery is at the top. It is private but anyone may visit, there is an easement from the town. Please enjoy.

  2. groovymini says:

    I started this new Facebook page about my colonial ancestor, and 9th great-grandfather, Andrew Ward (1597-1660) – in 1905 there was an Association of Descendants of Andrew Ward and I am looking for more information about it, does it still exist anywhere?https://www.facebook.com/DescendantsofAndrewWard/?pnref=story

    • slopoet says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t know of any current Association for the Descendants of Andrew Ward. I like your facebook page very much, nice work!

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