Andrew Ward Foote

Andrew Ward Foote was born April 27, 1833. He married Charlotte Wilcox (1836-1920). They are both buried in the General Andrew Ward Cemetery.

Their oldest child was Lilly Gillette Foote, born March 2, 1860. Her obituary in the New York Times notes that she died on December 22, 1932, and that she was “for many years an associate of the Nook Farm Group, which included Mark Twain, Charles Dudley Warner and Harriet Beecher Stowe. In her early years she was closely associated with Mark Twain’s family and was active in the foundation of the Mark Twain Memorial Library. Miss Foote studied in England and came to Hartford in 1880.” Lilly is buried in the General Andrew Ward Cemetery.

Their second child, named Andrew Ward Foote, was born in 1862 but died two years later. Their third child, a son, was born October 5, 1865 and was also named Andrew Ward Foote. He married Winifred Burt in Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 26, 1892. Winifred’s brother Stanley Gano Burt was the chemist for Rookwood Pottery and developed some of its more famous glazes. Andrew Ward Foote died in Cleveland in 1925, and his wife died in 1941. Both are buried in the General Andrew Ward Cemetery. The mottoes they chose for their stones provide a touch of humor in this private place–Andrew Ward’s stone says “He Accomplished What He Set Out To Do.” His wife somewhat wryly chose “She Did What She Could.” The Guilford poet Gemma Mathewson was inspired to write this poem:

Two Feete In The Grave

A. Ward Foote
born 1865 died 1925
“He accomplished what he set out to do”

WInifred Burt Foote
born 1866 died 1941
“She did what she could”

pride and humility
eternally they rest
not side by side
but as they must
heade to foote

she had 16 years to compose
a modest rejoinder


Their fourth child, Harriet Ward Foote, was born September 11, 1874. She married Herbert Addison Taylor (1876-1948), and they had three children: Harriet, Adeline, and Herbert Addison. Herbert A. Taylor’s obituary appeared in the New York Times on June 29, 1948, which states that he was born in Beverly, New Jersey, and studied at Cornell and the University of Buffalo Law School. In 1920 he was appointed general solicitor of the Erie Railroad, becoming its general counsel in 1931, and in 1937 vice president and general counsel. He served as a director of the Erie and subsidiaries from 1932 until his death. Harriet was a designer and teacher in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She died on September 10, 1968 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.


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