2012 Assembly of the Living

The following members of the General Andrew Ward Cemetery Association convened for the Annual Meeting at the General Andrew Ward Cemetery in Guilford, Connecticut on July 28, 2012, 11:00 a.m.: Patty Battles, Roxana Day, Katie Haddock, Anne Moore, Sharon Olson, Elizabeth Rounsavall, Mary Rounsavall, Peggy Vermilya, and Peter Vermilya. Minutes of the previous year’s meeting were approved, and wording of the by-laws was discussed. Association documents can be found on the By-Laws and Minutes page (password protected for members only). The photo here is of a Ward family group from an earlier time. For a more current look at some of our members please see the photo from last year’s meeting (post previous to this one). Lunch followed at the Branford home of our esteemed Secretary-Treasurer.

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