Assembly of the living

Katie Haddock, Timothy Harwood, Roxana Day (kneeling), Sharon Olson, Barbara Dolensek, Mary Rounsavall, Peter Vermilya, Anne Moore (seated), Peggy Vermilya, Arnold Lisio

Members of the General Andrew Ward Cemetery Association met today at the site to review recently rewritten bylaws, elect directors, and establish committees to do research and communicate to the wider membership the basics we all need to know for planning future interments and complying with local ordinances. The meeting continued after lunch at Mary Rounsavall’s summer cottage. Newly-elected officers are: Peter Vermilya (President), Timothy Harwood (V-P), Mary Rounsavall (Secretary-Treasurer), Katie Haddock, Anne Moore and Sharon Olson (directors at-large).

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4 Responses to Assembly of the living

  1. Kim Clark says:

    I am so sorry I missed this gathering!
    Will surely attend the next – has that date (next month) been set?
    Kim Clark

  2. slopoet says:

    I’ll send your question to the group–around Thanksgiving was the time to meet, I believe.
    Sharon Olson

    • Kim Clark says:

      How prompt! Thank you.
      And how can I view the minutes of the last meeting? They are password protected (as they should be) but I don’t see anything for joining the membership. And maybe within the membership section there are email addresses, to make this communication easier?Thanks again

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